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I just registered for a membership with wpmudev. I am a world traveler by bicycle and have a blog on . Many bicycle tourists post their blogs on . The limitations to this site are users can’t post links to their paypal to collect donations for their trip and also cant post their twitter and facebook feeds. I would like to turn my site into something similar so others could also post their journals on my site and have access to what crazyguyonabike is missing. I would like to have forums, classifieds, journals, and articles all visible on the main page showing maybe the 10 most recent posts in each category with an image from each. Could you help me pick the best premium theme that would allow me to do this. I have previously already installed buddypress, bbpress, and wpmu.

Best regards,


  • drmike
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    Greets and welcome to wpmudev :slight_smile:

    All the features that you;re asking for are plugin related. The theme doesn’t come into play. I would pick the theme that you like as a starting point and work off of that.

    I;m going out the door for some volunteerism but either I will or someone else can run through your list and provide links and make suggestions,

    edit: Just to mention, we have a few folks here in the forums that have issues with keyboards and copying and pasting. If you make a reference to another site, we ask that you please provide a working link and not just the domain. Thanks. I;ve gone ahead and made links in your post for them.

  • pedaltheglobe
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    After activating the theme I am now getting this error..”Fatal error: Cannot redeclare bp_dtheme_ajax_querystring() (previously declared in /home/jon/public_html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/bp-default/_inc/ajax.php:20) in /home/jon/public_html/wp-content/themes/bp-daily/_inc/ajax.php on line 63″. I now cannot even get into wp-admin to deactivate the theme.

  • DavidM
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    Hello there pedaltheglobe :slight_smile: ,

    I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the Daily theme. In case you’re still working on this one, I’m taking a look into the situation right this moment.

    I have the latest version of the theme up and running perfectly fine on one test server and on another server, the Preview option fails with the same message you’re getting. Strangely, it works fine once activated. It just so happens that the WordPress installation it’s having trouble on has a whole lot of plugins, so my initial guess is that one of the plugins is causing a conflict. If I can’t resolve this one myself quickly, I’ll see if I can get someone with a better grasp for the themes.

    Also, as your installation is now down, I was wondering if you 1.) have FTP access to your server, and 2.) are comfortable with accessing your files through FTP?

    Thanks for your patience,


  • DavidM
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    Well, the only way I know of to deactivate a plugin via FTP is to simply delete it. WordPress should manage to automatically deactivate those plugins once it realizes they’re not there. Generally the settings for these plugins are stored in the database so that when they’re reinstalled, they will have their options restored as well, but unfortunately, this won’t always be the case. It depends on the plugins used.

    I would say that a better option right now would be to somehow remove the Daily theme for the time being. But I need to check to see if the theme can be safely removed while it’s activated. I’ll check on that right now.

    That said, I’m also progressively removing all the plugins from one of my test servers to see for sure if a plugin conflict is causing the problem.

    I should find out just shortly if either of these attempts will resolve the problem at least for the time being. Then we can see how to get the theme working safely.

  • pedaltheglobe
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    I saw something in another thread about the bp-compatibility plugin causing problems with this theme. For some reason I remember having that installed previously, but cannot find it under plugins via ftp. Any other possible location it could be in?

  • pedaltheglobe
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    Just deleted buddypress template pack and got it working :slight_smile:

    I am sure I am going to have a lot of questions setting up this theme.

    Is proper protocol to keep this same thread going for different questions related to the theme or to start new threads for each?

  • DavidM
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    The best thing is to start a new thread for each individual question, assuming they’re substantially different from each other. This way people searching for similar inquiries can more easily find them.

    My initial thought was that the Buddypress Template Pack would be the culprit but since disabling it on my test server didn’t get rid of the message in the Preview dialog, I wasn’t sure if disabling it would work for yourself.

    The Buddypress themes available here are specifically designed with Buddypress in mind and not only don’t need the Buddypress Template Pack, but as you’ve seen, might not properly work with it activated.

    I’m glad your WordPress is working for you again also that the theme is working for you.



  • Tammie
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    Lets back up a little here and deal as this has got a little out of hand :slight_smile:

    1. There is no need to go down the ftp route quite yet :slight_smile:

    2. None of our themes will work with template pack not a case of may or may not they simply won’t nor will any other BuddyPress ready themes.

    3. For each post start a new thread and we can get to them right there.

    @davidm: I think you have other issues with your install as I have tested Daily and it works fine. Lets keep to the user issues in this thread.

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