Help Me Configure My PRO Site Properly

This is my first time working with PROsite, or any multisite so please pardon my ignorance :slight_smile:

My network site is at, and in my settings I have the FREE trial set for 365 days (while I’m testing) and have NOT installed Pay to Blog.

(I’m guessing that this is the extra plugin that’s required to have users pay immediately for blogging rights)

One of the sites that I’ve personally created:

works fine on the front end,

You’ll have to go to: or an individual post:

to see it, but the backend gives me a 500 server error.

When the plugin is network deactivated, things return to normal.

What’s happening, how can I fix this.

And is there anyway that I can manually bump any blogs to a PRO level, so that they never expire? I want to give away some free memberships :slight_smile:

And is it possible to offer a ONE time payment to upgrade to PRO, instead of memberships?


PS: What happened to the option of adding in Screenshots here?