Help me please: Accidentally noindex my WordPress, and Google remove my Home url from search results

One of my site is 2 years old and was all HTML static pages. All the pages were indexed and ranked well for some keywords (mostly for home URL, which is something like )

This Monday, I installed WordPress to this domain, removed the index.html static page, and walked away.

Tuesday night, I noticed that I accidentally set the Privacy in WordPress setting to "noindex", so I corrected the setting to allow search engines to show/index in Privacy (I would like my blog to be visible to everyone, including search engines (like Google, Bing, Technorati) and archivers ).

Didn't think that was a big deal, since I only had the noindex meta tag for only a day. - But I was wrong...

Wednesday, I felt like checking my site in Google, so I just searched one keyword, and I was shocked to find out the Home page url is not in any Google search results any more for any search term, even for It may have been de-index because of my previous Privacy setting.

Then, I checked the following places to make sure I do not have other things to stopping it from Google:
1. I view the code of home page, I do NOT see meta noindex, nofollow there, which is good.
2. I check robots.txt, and it is allow: ./, which is fine too.
3. I checked in Google webmaster tools, fetch as Google bots, for the home page, it returns the right content.
4. I checked all other static html pages that were there in Google before installing the WordPress, they are now all still indexed in Google and are ranked for the terms that they are supposed to., which means Google does not de-indexed my site completely (good news), instead, Google only de-index my Home page url, which is something like: . NOTE: for all the existing html static pages, I only deleted index.html, and I still keep all other static html pages under public_html.
5. I just re-submited my sitemap in Google webmaster tools.

6. Now, I ran out of ideas, what else I should check? Did I miss anything?

I felt so guilty about my mistake of the nonindex setting, and would really appreciate the experts on this board to give me some advise to bring the Home page URL back to google search results.

If the only thing I can do now is just to wait, how long would be the wait?

Background info: in Google webmaster tool, it says the site has 20k backlinks; and there are more backlinks coming in on regular basis from other blogs. The site is PR2. Sorry I cannot post the site URL here, but would be happy to share in private message if you want to look at it.

Thank you for your time reading it.