HELP! My Sencond Wildcard Cert. Fails to work on MULTI-DOMAINS

Currently I have researched my problem but I can not find any solution for my second domain, I have not been able to make the wildcard certificate work with the additional domain added to MULTI-DOMAINS.

To start, the main site has its dedicated ip and works well here you can see it

Currently the main site has a ssl wildcard by DigiCert Inc and is working correctly when new sub sites are created under everything runs fine.

Now I took the with the same nameservers of the hosting account and I made it available as Addon Domains through the cpanel of the

then I create a wildcard A record in your DNS zone editor and point it to the dedicated IP of the ass you says in the plugin usage section.

after that install a new wildcard certificate for the by GlobalSign nv-sa and I install it via cpanel through the SSL / TLS option

Now I do not know where the problem is, because through wordpress when I create a new sub site using the second domain using MULTI-DOMAINS plugin the htpps: // throw error does not work

But if I create a sub domain using the cpanel of but selecting the like then it works without problems.

look… It was created using cpanel and it’s safe It was created using WordPress and MULTI-DOMAINS and Not safe :slight_frown:

The question is, should I set up the second domain in a real hosting account with another different dedicated ip from it’s the only thing I need to solve to finish my project and I’m stuck with a lot of headaches.

I hope this post will be useful for future generations, thanks!!!

  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Rovi

    If creating subdomain works fine with SSL, then the issue is with somewhere in wordpress. I don’t think you need to host the additional domain to another hosting, that’s not needed.

    About your these two subdomains: It was created using cpanel and it’s safe It was created using WordPress and MULTI-DOMAINS and Not safe

    I can see both are unreachable, even the domain doesn’t work now. Did you change DNS of that domain? When your domain is available again, please let me know and I will check up the wordpress settings.

    Have a nice day!



  • Rovi
    • New Recruit

    Thanks Ash, after 12 hours I could understand everything, I solved it

    For the new ones, you’re going to need

    1, Dedicated IP fot the main account

    2, A second domain with the same names server as the main site

    3, Add it to Addon Domain, But beware of the field Document Root! you must put, public_html

    4, Go to Advanced Zone Editor select the new domain and create a record A and enter the dedicated ip of the main site in the address field

    5, Install your certificates using SSL / TLS

    6. Do not use Let’s Encrypt certificates that are generated by AutoSSL for the main account, for some reason they did not allow my other paid certificates to appear Safe, my problem was solved when I bought all the certificates on my own.

    7. a lot of patience!! and although I know it is not recommended, I made it possible on a shared server with a reseller account only for development purposes :slight_smile:

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