Help!!!! My site Is Not Loading!

Hi , My site is not loading. I contacted my hosting company and they said that it was a problem with wordpress. Here is what they said:
" We spoke last night regarding your domain not loading and giving the
redirect loop error code. I went ahead and spoke with my WordPress Guru
and I apologize for any run-arounds that might have happened throughout
today. Here is some information that I received and was able to figure
out for you:

>> cleva Watson: Hi, my website is not loading. I keep getting This error message: detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

Right… So when you ACTIVATE Multisite, there is a warning that tells you
"You have www. on your domain, please remove it" (or something along
those lines).

That's the problem you're facing, since it wasn't disabled upon setup..
You need to:

1) Edit WP-config.php and change references from
2) Edit the database. Check wp_u799ht_blogs and wp_u799ht_site make sure
everything is
3) Use
to search/replace the DB for anything else.

This is not easy, and it's because the directions weren't necessarily
followed correctly when setting up WordPress Multisite.

Other notes:

1) I wanted to ask why you had WordPress MultiSite setup if you only have
one site?
2) I see that you have customized JetPack (i.e. edited the plugin
directly) which is a very very risky (and can be a very bad) idea.
3) DreamObjects isn't supported on Multisite, and neither is it on
DreamPress at the moment.

I hope this answered your questions. If you need anything else, let us
know. P.S. please note: we cannot make these changes for you as they are
all custom configurations and changes that need to be done on your end."
Can anyone help me with this?