Help needed for a Multisite front end theme

I have a smallhospitality network, and would like to give chefs a free website on my site using multisite. I am looking for suggestions for the best theme or the best way of doing it.
Thanks in advanced!

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Andy,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    If you're already running Multisite, that'd be an "out of the box" feature because it lets users sign up for their own sites. All you need to do is allow that on "Network Admin -> Settings" page. You can select either "Both sites and user accounts can be registered" option (so visitors - not logged in - will be able to sign up either for user account only or for both user account and their own site at once) or "Logged in users may register new sites" (so user would first have to be registered and logged in to be able to create his/her own site).

    However, if you wish to make it even more "straight forward" you cold use our "New Blog Templates" plugin. Take a look here, please:

    With this plugin, you can create site(s) (like "demo" sites), including the pre-configured theme of choice and plugins and even some content, and users that decide to signup for a new site on your multisite will be able to choose from. Their new sites will be basically a "copies" of selected "template sites" - so they'd be launched with a "ready to go" site that they can then customize to their needs.

    As for theme(s). I'd rather not suggest anything because it's mostly the matter of personal preference and how would you like these users' sites to look like. However, if you want them to be highly configurable in terms of design, you might want to consider our Upfront themes, take a look here please:

    Best regards,

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