Help needed - my header goes rogue...

Hi there: I do have some design problems. First, my header changes its position, when I choose any page of my website., second I even cannot use the links any more on those pages - see (header as it should on start page—>klick on logo). Second problem is with mobile devices: the logo is too big and the language switcher and the menu button are more or less at the same place (everywhere).
Kasia said in chat that there are missing classes but I don't know how to handle that... PLEASE help (as the theme author - Vierra from themeforest is the theme - is not really helpful). Thank you.

P.S.: If support access is necessary, please notify me and advise me where to send credentials for the .htaccess-protection of my site. Thanks.

EDIT: Kasia asked me to search for the body tag in the header.php and change it to
<body <?php body_class( $class ); ?>>
- but that was already there in this form:

<?php if($req=="unpassed"): ?>
<body <?php body_class( $class ); ?>>
<?php endif; ?>

- then she asked me to kill the line above and below the body-tag - that only made my main menu go rogue, too (changing its font size when hovering over)

Edit II:
The rogue header affects all templates except for the index page - and I use page.php, single-room.php, single-arrangement.php, post.php, single-stellenanzeigen.php - everything on frontend except for the starting page, no matter the used template, looks rogue

Edit III:
On Kasias advise I just did send the credentials via your contact form, support access is granted

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @Matthias,

    #1: I do see what you mean about the header, and I was able to get things working again with this CSS code:

    body > div#canvas {
        position: relative;

    I would like to ask though, would you happen to know what design change of yours caused this to occur? Ideally you'd want to try rolling that back, as there's quite a gap on this page between the header & the content:

    Unless your theme's supposed to be like that? There's a lot of customizations to sort through here, to be honest. :slight_smile:

    Speaking of customizations...

    #2: I noticed that you're using a custom header, does this only occur with your child theme's header.php? Or does this also occur with the default header.php provided by the parent theme?

    Making changes to template files via the WordPress admin isn't advised, not without access to FTP details at least (which is why I hadn't edited it myself to test).

    Please advise,

    • Matthias

      Hey Michael,

      #1: Thank you very much for making it at least work :slight_smile: I have absolutely no idea what caused that as I did not do any design changes recently. So all I can think of would be a recent theme update. I cannot roll back that as I don't possess the previous version of the theme any more (and the theme's support is more or less not existent)

      The gap is not supposed to be there - gladly on all other templates it does not show. So I suppose the error has to be found in the single-rooms.php?

      #2 Indeed there are a lot of customizations - the web page had to look like "us" (the hotel), not like the theme, after all. About the header in the parent theme I cannot tell you as I did not try that.
      If you need, I can send you ftp credentials via the contact form.

      Best regards


  • Matthias

    Hi Michael, sorry for getting back to you so late - but the time leading to Christmas is crazy in the hotel business...
    About the gap - after you kindly solved the main problem I remembered that the template used for the room is the only one that is special in the child theme. And as there had been a change in the mobile menu I thought, maybe that affected the beginning of the templates. So I copied from the parent theme everything until the customization and pasted it over the things I already had --> voilà

    So all that is left to solve is the location of the mobile menu button :slight_smile:

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