Help needed with Membership plugin settings

Hey there! Just need a little help finessing some of the settings of the Membership plugin please. Take a look at for reference.

1) When I sign up for a membership and don't finish signing up (close the popup box without paying), I get directed to the protected content message. No matter where I click after that I can't get away from the protected content message.

When I log in with my unpaid login / pass combo and try to click around, even free pages of the site are showing up as protected as well, and then I can't get away from the protected message.

In my membership settings, in the access levels area, I have negative rules set up for unpaid folks so they can't see the videos. Then I have positive access rules set up for paid folks that gives them access to full site. Is my workaround to set up positive access rules for unpaid folks and make sure not to add the areas of the site that are for paid members?

2) The membership part of this site is videos embedded into blog posts, and paid members get access to those videos. The blog page is working just like it should, where people can see a little snippet of the post and click over, but when you click on this link, none of the previews show up if you're not logged in:

That's currently set up using the Posts Per Cat plugin, and it's pulling the 8 most recent videos onto the page via a shortcode. If you're logged in, that page shows the video links fine, but if you're not logged in the area where those would be is blank. Any input you can give with that? I'm going to keep digging to see if I can find another alternative, but wanted to see if you guys could lend a hand.

3) Comment from client as they're testing from their end: "I clicked on sign up today on the front page and then clicked on sign up on the bottom of that page. Then I tried to login with an account I already had. When I did that it asked me for a coupon code. At that point I believe it should just redirect to the video page."

Thanks much!