Help needed with Mul-DB setup as not working


Hello everyone i hope all is well and someone can help, hoefully the legendary barry :slight_smile:

I have created all the databses and have updated the files accordingly but i am getting an error:

Database Error: Access denied for user 'myusername'@'%' to database 'ukclimber203009_c81

Please can you have a look at my db-config.php and move-blogs.php to see what ive done wrong.

I am using a remote server for the databases and have enabled remote access on my server. I have also tested all is working with desktop software such as SQLyog and the username and password are all fine.

Therefore i can only assume i have entered something wrong.

I am setting up 4096 databases and 3 vip ones.

Therefore i have 4092 databases entered and a global one and 3 vip ones. Or do i have to create 4096 databases and additional ones making it 4100?

Multi DB


Thanks in advance