Help needed with Ultimate Facebook Plugin for a few things…

Hi – I have managed to get the ultimate facebook plugin working to some extent but there are still some issues. Note: I am trying to integrate this tightly with Buddypress.

1) I cannot find anywhere how to reduce the permissions required – I do not need or want to know peoples religion for example – how do I do this? If it’s in the code, can you point me in the right direction please?

2) I want to switch OFF the ‘Fill my BuddyPress profile with Facebook data’ link as it does not work (see here:, replace admin with your own facebookid once you’ve joined the site). I want the old option to be available where people could edit their extended profile settings. These extended profile settings will be unique to Fitness Saver and I do not need to copy them from Facebook.

3) I would, on the other hand, like to copy the Facebook Avatar automatically – I want this to happen as part of the login/registration process.

4) I had to remove /register/ as it meant users had to register and THEN log in. I’ve replaced this with my own HTML page which has a short code for Join Fitness Saver – this is FYI only as you probably need to fix this for others.

5) On Buddypress, once logged in through Ultimate Facebook login button, the ‘Settings’ button asks for the users password etc. This tab should either not exist or it should be telling the user to visit Facebook to change those settings.

6) I need to be able to programatically modify the redirect option – currently I’m redirecting logins to /activity/ which I’m happy with, but e.g. when a new Personal Trainer joins (and then joining auto-registers them) I want to redirect them to a different page altogether. Ideally I’d like to be able to redirect them somewhere for their first sign in and then somewhere else for every sign in after that.

I hope you can help and look forward to hearing from you!

Kindest Regards,

One of your biggest fans….

David Hilditch