Help on a website


I am begging to piece together a site network. to do the following aimed at the disabled. I see all the plugin but its way over my head. Any ideas or mentors to help?

Service One: The Blog Aggregator
Through this service Able Pathways will gather blog entries on a daily basis. These blogs, which can be categorized based on user preference, will be emailed directly to subscribers in the form of a daily email. This FREE daily newsletter/email will include the following information:
(a) Employment listings and related news
(b) Education resources and related news
(c) Housing resources and related news
(d) Transportation resources and related news
(e) Health resources and related news
(e) Legislation news and additional resources that don’t fit into any of the above categories.

Service Two: The Premium Op-Eds and more 0
Through this service, Able Pathways will allow bloggers and entrepreneurs to promote their businesses and/or services by;
a) Offering special profile features in the daily newsletters/emails
b) Offering featured space on the Able Pathways’ website with links and tracking options
c) Specialized promotion on all of Able Pathways’ social media outlets
d) Access to specialized entrepreneurial resources; such as help with product development, organization newsletters, streamlined blogging, and/or training resources
e) The ability to let users schedule all of his/her social media updates directly from their Able Pathways’ account