Help Please. 100 points reward

I am in deperate need of help hence the 100 point reward for anyone that can fix this.

I have a multisite with multi db 4096 databases.

Upon finishing the site i created some dummy accounts to check everything was working to discover the following problems.

When i register a new user they are sent 2 activation emails (if they create a blog)

or 1 email if not but it sends then a password rather than using the one they chosen during signup.

I have also noticed that when i add a user from the admin area no emails are sent at all.

I have deactivated all the plugins and came to the conclusion its not plugin related.

I have also noticed that on the main site admin i cant select users and change there roles.

It is almost as if registration is being handled via wordpress and skipping the buddypress process, hence ignoring the user set password.

I think the issue lies somewhere in the database and need to discover which table would stop them being setup properly.

Alternatively there could be a table that is missing due to the global database aspect that i need to add in db.config

Please can someone help and in return i will give you 100 of my well earned points.