Help Please - Using Amazon SW3 with Marketpress and/or Membership

Does anyone know of a good way to integrate the sw3 in a secure way with digital purchases (via Marketpress) or with membership files (via Membership)?

We had a file leak through the site and I need to know how to prevent it in the future.

Thank you.

  • Tevya

    This is probably not the answer you want to hear. But it is a potential solution. In addition to using WPMUDEV, I've chose WooCommerce for all estore/eccomerce solutions I do. I find it much more robust and flexible (via extensions) than any other solution out there.

    For example, this Amazon S3 extension: allows you to serve digital downloads via S3, but keep them protected and set limits on how long/how many attempts a user can use their unique link to download the file from S3.

    I've not used MarketPress recently, so I can't tell you if it has anything that's comparable.

  • aecnu

    Greetings amy_brown,

    Sorry to see that you are having issues with MarketPress, Membership, and Amazon SW3

    For obvious reasons I know nothing about Amazon SW3 owning a hosting company myself and when i have checked them out the pricing structure is outrageously expensive i.e. 10 TB of storage $800.00 / month and/or 10 TB of transfer $1200.00 /month

    Price of a Dedicated server with 10 TB of bandwidth $99 /month

    However, in any event to try to help there are these plugins all dealing with S3:

    Hopefully one of them can get this sorted for you.

    Cheers, Joe

  • Tevya

    @amy_brown I HIGHLY recommend WooCommerce. I only run it on Multisite. I know they say they don't officially support it, but Multisite is part of WordPress now. So most things that work on single site, also work on Multisite. In my case, I've only had 1 issue with one extension because of multisite. I was using a WooCommerce extension that allows me to integrate Gravity Forms into products to give much more control over options and features, as well as capture more info from the user, before checkout. Because I had Gravity Forms network activated, the extension couldn't see it. But WooThemes support happily provided an easy patch that fixed it. Oh, and their support is easily the best I've experienced from anywhere of late.

    Other than that, I'm running WooCommerce on over 14 sites spread over 2 Multisites, and have had almost no problems. I really believe it is and will continue to be the best eccommerce platform for WordPress. Highly recommended.

    @aecnu Amazon S3 is pay-what-you-use. So it's actually incredibly cheap place to host files and store backups. We have many GB's on there, but it's the transfer process (and maybe only clocked on downloads? ...Can't remember for sure) that counts. So we only pay like $2 a month to have lots of stuff backed up offsite, as well as server a bunch of MP3 and Zip files for one of our client's stores (using the WC extension I recommended to @amy_brown).

  • aecnu

    Greetings Tevya Washburn and amy_brown,

    Thank you both for your input which is greatly appreciated.

    Of course I admit that I did not do calculations for a few GB's, but it is clear that when storing/transferring any significant amount of data 1/2 TB or 1 TB? it is a total rip off on a massive scale.

    But to each their own and if it works for you it works for me :slight_smile:

    Have a GREAT week ahead folks!

    Cheers, Joe

  • aecnu

    Greetings @Tevya Washburn,

    Thank you for your additional input and I do not take pleasure in informing you that you are absolutely incorrect.

    Try the real math = 1 TB = 1,000 GB's

    1,000 X 0.95 = $950.00 = Absolutely outrageous!

    Dedicated server 1 TB HDD WITH 10 TB of bandwidth = $130.00

    Now lets add it up not to mention the puts and gets thing ... lol

    1TB storage $950.00 PLUS $0.120 per GB for data transfer out if applicable.

    If one transfers 1 TB out add another $120.00

    Total cost of transfer and storage of 1 TB = $120.00 + $950.00 = $1070.00

    And you were saying? ....

    Unless the principles of mathematics have changed .... it is an absolute rip off in a big way.

    Please advise what I am missing here sir?

    Cheers, Joe

  • Tevya

    You're right in that my math was wrong, but you're reading the pricing wrong:

    1000GB X $0.095 = $95 / month - is the correct calculation that we both missed. It's 9 and 1/2 cents per GB, not 95 cents per GB. So it's not "absolutely outrageous" as you postulate. Though at that rate, it's not great either. However that's not the whole story.

    There's something else that's not as obvious that has to do with the way they calculate it. It's not just a flat storage fee. It's like only the amount that's downloaded or something. I don't really care enough to go figure it all out. And since my account has somehow been put back in the free usage tier, I can't give you details on current billing. However, my last billed statement was at a time when they charged 12.5-cents per GB (that's more than it is now). Looking at that, I transferred around 25GB to my S3 account, plus whatever was already there (at least another 15GB). My total bill for the month: $1.60. And I know lots of people who report the same. In fact I see updates on social networks all the time about how low their latest S3 invoice was and how awesome that is. If the pricing were outrageous, as you say, everyone and their dog (individuals, small businesses, and huge corporations) wouldn't be using it as a CDN, backup storage, file hosting, etc, etc, etc.

    I don't know the details. And like I said, I don't care enough to find out. All I know is Amazon S3 is cheap. Like cheaper than dirt, cheap. When something is that cheap and I charge in the $80 - $150 / hr range for my time, it's just not worth it to me to bother with finding out how it's actually calculated. Or really to continue this conversation. However, I'm so pleased with their super low prices, that I figure it's worth a little of my time to spread some good will on their behalf.

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