Help Please With Ultimate Branding Text Change

My page is only available to Paid Members. The default text is "Please login to view this content. If you are not a member, please take the time to Join Us now."

I would like to change it for that one page to "You must be a Paid Member to have access to coupon codes. Please consider upgrading."

I'm not sure how to use "in this text domain" so I put /my-coupon-codes/ but it doesn't work.

Can you tell me how I should do this please.
Thank you.

  • James Morris

    Hello Mary,

    I hope you are well today. Thank you for your question.

    The text domain will depend on which plugin you're using. For example, the text domain for Membership 2 Pro is membership2. You can easily find the text domain of any plugin by opening the main plugin file and checking the code. See screenshot.

    I hope this clarifies things a bit for you. Let me know if you have any further questions. I'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

  • Mary

    Thank you James. Mine says:

    Plugin Name: Simple WordPress Membership
    Version: 3.3.6
    Plugin URI:
    Author: smp7, wp.insider
    Author URI:
    Description: A flexible, well-supported, and easy-to-use WordPress membership plugin for offering free and premium content from your WordPress site.

    //Direct access to this file is not permitted
    if (!defined('ABSPATH')){
    exit("Do not access this file directly.");


    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_VER', '3.3.6');
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_DB_VER', '1.2');
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_SITE_HOME_URL', home_url());
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_PATH', dirname(__FILE__) . '/');
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_URL', plugins_url('', __FILE__));
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_DIRNAME', dirname(plugin_basename(__FILE__)));
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_TEMPLATE_PATH', 'simple-membership');
    if (!defined('COOKIEHASH')) {
    define('COOKIEHASH', md5(get_site_option('siteurl')));
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_AUTH', 'simple_wp_membership_' . COOKIEHASH);
    define('SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_SEC_AUTH', 'simple_wp_membership_sec_' . COOKIEHASH);


    register_activation_hook(SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_PATH . 'simple-wp-membership.php', 'SimpleWpMembership::activate');
    register_deactivation_hook(SIMPLE_WP_MEMBERSHIP_PATH . 'simple-wp-membership.php', 'SimpleWpMembership::deactivate');
    add_action('swpm_login', 'SimpleWpMembership::swpm_login', 10, 3);

    $simple_membership = new SimpleWpMembership();
    $simple_membership_cron = new SwpmCronJob();

    //Add settings link in plugins listing page
    function swpm_add_settings_link($links, $file) {
    if ($file == plugin_basename(__FILE__)) {
    $settings_link = 'Settings';
    array_unshift($links, $settings_link);
    return $links;

    add_filter('plugin_action_links', 'swpm_add_settings_link', 10, 2);

  • James Morris

    Hello Mary,

    I looked through the plugin and tried several different approaches. Looking through the Simple WordPress Membership plugin, there's a section for Custom Message Settings. It appears that this section is overriding anything replaced by Ultimate Branding.

    You can go to Admin -> WP Membership -> Custom Message and define custom messages there. But I'm afraid what you're wanting to do on a per page basis with that plugin is not going to work.

    Let me know if you have any further questions. I'll be happy to help! :slight_smile:

    Best regards,

    James Morris

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