Help: Recurring Payments w/ Marketpress, Pay-To-Blog, and Supporter

First, I love WPMU Dev. I’m enamored with your plugins!

Second, I’m really new to your stuff. I’ve signed up two accounts in the last month for the different organizations I’m working with. So, I apologize if this stuff has been covered already. I didn’t find the answers I was looking for when I searched.

Here are my questions:

I’m using the Pay-To-Blog, Supporter, and MarketPress plugins in an WPMS network. I’m using several other plugins you offer as well, but these are relevant to my post. The Pay-To-Blog plugin is used to allow people to create a new blog and pay for it’s use. The Supporter plugin is used to upgrade their blog to “Premium” stuff. And the Marketpress is used for other services related to their blog and online marketing.

1. If someone wants to pay for use of the blog (normally handled by Pay-to-Blog) could they do this in the MarketPress system and automagically “extend” their use?

2. If someone wants to pay to upgrade their blog to Supporter Level, could they do this in Marketpress and again, automagically “extend” their Supporter Level service?

3. Is there a better way to handle Pay-to-Blog and Premium subscriptions? It seems kind of silly to make payments in two different places…

4. How do I setup recurring payments in Marketpress? If it matters, I’m using the PayPal Express Checkout gateway.

Thanks for your help!