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I am attempting to set up a BuddyPress / WP-MU multi-user (network) and multi-blog (sites) using the latest versions of BP (1.5.2) and WP (3.0.1) on a FreeBSD v7 server. I have spent quite a bit of time trawling through Forums and my efforts are recorded here.

The aim of this site is to encourage deeper community discourse and to that end I am trying to focus on Groups and interactions within a group rather than a looser network of individuals. So, here are some things I am trying to do and I'd like some advice :

* each Group should focus around the Group blog where most of the content would be entered. This would have a single admin, possibly multiple editors. The group blog plugin would seem to accomplish this.
* I'd like there to be restrictions on group creation. There is a plugin out there that does this, but I'm thinking in terms of the following condition for creating a new group. Anyone can create a new group but they have to have 10 (a configurable number) of accepted invitations to join before the group can get created. This means that there must be a certain level of interest already present and would hopefully reduce the number of inactive groups.
* Having joined the group it would be nice if members were to be automatically enrolled as a configurable role into the group blog so that the group admin does not have to manually add group members to the blog. How could this be done?
* It would be nice to have a configurable group 'Home' page which might display :
o RSS feed from the group blog
o RSS feeds from group member blogs
o Categories and tags from group and member blogs
o Media stream from group blog
o many of these things are available in themes but are focused around the site home page. I'm trying to find a theme that does these for individual groups.

I know about the Group blog plugin ( — what I'm missing is how to implement some of these other ideas.
Thanks for any help. This is an extraordinary useful resource for folks like myself who are starting to construct a community site with WordPress / BuddyPress.

  • Mason

    Hiya markpea!

    Well, first off, welcome to WPMU DEV! :smiley:

    Glad you're finding it a helpful resource already. I really like your thoughts on the "group" component of BuddyPress. I think that you've got some great ideas, however, with BuddyPress still rather young as far as releases go, I don't know that it's ready to handle the things you're looking for here.

    Getting users communicating is absolutely critical to the success of a social network - and it can be tricky to develop. Sometimes I think systems like our communities plugin can create a community more naturally by encouraging communication between members - but it really depends on your particular users as to which solution is right. Check out our communities plugin here:

    I'm interested in this as well, so I'd love to hear from others in the community here as to how they handle this kind of thing.

    Thanks for the post. I wish I could offer something more concrete by way of solution, but I'm not aware of any at this point. Again, others may be able to chime in with more information. :smiley:

  • markpea

    Here's my idea for a 'Group quorum' plugin fleshed out a bit more.

    Idea for BuddyPress plugin. A user has to have three (or n) people (Friends presumably) commit to joining a group before it can be created. This should slow down the proliferation of junk groups. Administration Settings</p>
    <p> * minimum number of invitees required to constitute a group quorum — q (GQq)
    * maximum number of invitees (want to prevent huge invite lists) ? — m (GQm)
    * default role for Group Creation instigator (the person who clicks on [Create group]) once group is created (GCi)
    * default role of Group inaugurators (those invited by the Group creator) if the group is successfully created (GIn)
    * voting time window within which invitees have to respond for a valid Y/N vd</p>
    <p>How would this work? Perhaps as follows:</p>
    <p> 1. hit [Create Group] {you are now the 'Group Creation instigator'} — >
    2. Message : "you need at least q and at most m of your Friends to commit to joining". Proceed? (Y/N) — >
    3. Name potential group (check that group name does not already exist)
    4. Describe potential group
    * configure role of inaugurators (can change later)
    5. Bring up list of Friends. Check boxes to send group inauguration invitation Enhancement</p>
    <p> Pop-up over each Friend name with number of Groups currently a member of. You might not want to ask a Friend who is already a member of a lot of other groups to join a new one.</p>
    <p> * or configure role of inaugurators here (can change later)
    6. Move now to build Group Create Quorum (or save for later?) (or exit) — >
    7. Message sent to Friends, "you have been invited to inaugurate group 'name' which describes itself as 'description' " and "do you want to inaugurate this group and become a 'editor' / 'admin' / 'moderator' ?" (configuration setting above)
    8. Friends click on Yes /No link, — >
    9. If 'Yes', display number of agreements and whether quorum has been reached. Comments</p>
    <p> What if all votes never come in but there are sufficient #s for quorum?
    Do we want to create the group as soon as a quorum is reached or wait for all the votes to come in?
    The instigator could send an invitation to 6 people wanting all of them to join the group and become moderators. Would one refusal prevent to formation of the group? Or how about, allow the group creation to go ahead with a note to the instigator? There has to be a voting period after which the group creation aborts, otherwise the system could be in limbo waiting for forgotten voters.</p>
    <p> 1. If all votes are in and quorum reached (OR if quorum reached alone):
    * create the group
    * add all inaugurators as specified role
    * all the rest of group creation
    * welcome message to group instigator & inaugurators
    * utterly delete Group Quorum state (GQs)
    2. If quorum not reached yet :
    * Bank your approval
    * Send message to Group instigator (and yourself?)
    10. If 'No' :
    * Bank non-approval & exit
    * Send message to Group instigator (GCi)
    11. Periodic check of Voting time window for Group creation process state. If max voting time reached (and group quorum obviously not established or group would have been created) then:
    * Send message to Group instigator (GCi) saying that group creation had to be abandoned because of insufficient interest (quorum not reached within voting time window, therefore invitees cannot be bothered)
    * delete Group Quorum state (GQs)

    And formatted better here
    Now to find a php savvy student to mock this up.


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