Help Required: Simple tell a friend form on BuddyPress Sidebar

Hi Folks,

I'm trying to implement a simple tell-a-friend form on my sidebar on - a social network for equestrian enthusiasts built on WP/BP.

Basically, I want the form to include the following input fields:

- Your Email (With value set to the users email if logged in)
- Friends Email
- Submit

Upon form submission, I want a confirmation alert box to pop up.

Any help on this would be HUGELY appreciated! As would any feedback on the EQ Life site which launched yesterday!


  • Mason

    Hiya Julian,

    Nice looking site! Very professional :slight_smile:

    I don't know of any plugin that does exactly what you're looking for 'out of the box'. Plus, you'll probably want to set up multiple emails to be sent, right? And be able to edit the contents of each of those emails to be specific to your site.

    A possible solution to meet all of those needs would be Gravity Forms:

    You could create a very basic form and then set up several custom emails to be sent out as well as a 'success' message when the form has been completed.

    Take a look and let us know if that works for ya. Probably other form plugins would handle this as well - There are several free ones out there, I just haven't used them much.

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