Help! Server CPU overload

I just received a notice from my hosting company, Siteground, saying:

With this notification we would like to inform you that our in-house Website Performance Monitoring System (WPMS) has signaled that your account constantly uses a large amount of the server's CPU resources.

As you know, your account is hosted on a shared server and thus sharing the server resources with other customers' websites.

Your account's CPU usage is 153 500 script executions per day. The industry standard for CPU usage of a shared account is 12 000.

I have only started testing my wordpress mu site for a little over a week. I have 50 trial members, no one has started their own blog yet.I am using Wordpress 3.0.4, Business Portfolio theme. Plugins are: Chat 1.0.2, MarketPress 1.1.6, Membership Premium 1.0.5, Sticky Slider 1.0, Visitor Maps and Who's Online 1.5.6, WP-CopyProtect 2.1.0.

They want to sell me dedicated hosting at $179.00 to $219.00 per month!

Please, please help and advise.

  • drmike

    No offense but you do realize that you;re running the same things as this, right? Multiuser wordpress is not really designed for shared hosting. It is server level software.

    If you haven;t done it already, install one of the caching plugins like wp-supercache. That'll lighten your load somewhat.

    You also need to be on a different host. Some quick lookups shows that is with siteground. You don't get decent hosting with an overseller that's going to charge you less than a cup of coffee per month. Any time you see the words "Unlimited" over and over again in the account details, you'll discover that they have to stuff hundreds of account on a single box to help pay for the hardware as well as the techs to support it.

    You're also been flagged now by them. Anything else that may go wrong with the box and they'll come looking for you first. You're on borrowed time to be honest.

    You may also want to ditch buddypress. It's known to be heavy on required resource. You'll note that never put it on their site.

    At the very least consider a VPS. That way you have control over your environment and the resources earmarked for you are yours to use.

    Hope this helps,

    edit: Also you may want to start analyzing your server logs. You may be getting thousands of hits by attampted comment spammers already and this may be causing your problems. Start off my looking at your IP logs and see where most of your traffic is coming from.

  • JoAnn

    Although I really want to offer a blog service to my members at I tried 'backing out' of the multi site functions by changing the wp-config and htaccess files because of the complaints from my hosting company. Everything seems to be working fine but my 'resource usage' with Siteground is still above their allowed limits. I did install the plug in super cache as advised above.

    They wrote the following:
    We have reviewed the newly generated statistics for your account and noticed that the resource usage is still above the allowed limits for our shared hosting service. We also noticed that the wp-admin/admin-ajax.php script continues to be the most executed one and we advise you to disable that script in order to resolve the problem and decrease the resource usage within the industry standards.

    How do I disable this script and what will the consequences be? My site already has over 50 members using BuddyPress groups, forums and chat.

    Will hosting at PSEK have the same issues if I use the multi site version of WP?

    Thanks for all of your help.

  • drmike

    Thanks but it;s related to an incorrect dosage of something that I shouldn't have been given in the first place. Just have to sweat it out. (And an intern thinking he knew better than me and what was in my folder. *sigh*) I do feel better this morning.

    If you want to keep the chat, I would look at a VPS. That way the resources you have earmarked are you;re to use and not shared among a large number of others.

    Either that or chose a third part chat provider until they can figure out what's causing the problems with this one.

  • JoAnn

    Just a little update on my issues with SiteGround. I lowered my site's usage by installing super cache and I deactivated Wordpress Chat and changed to the BuddyPress Chat feature. That all helped some but when I had a lot of activity on the site my usage still spiked.

    I transferred my site over to PSEK to their shared hosting Business MU plan. They were great, they handled the transfer and it was seamless, and a real person answered all my e-mails almost immediately--as opposed to SiteGround where it takes 2-3 days to get a form e-mail back telling you to read their FAQ's. If you need real help you have to sign a yearly contract for premium support for $5.95 a month.

    We'll see how the shared hosting goes with the site, if I have to bite the bullet and get a dedicated server, well, so be it.

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