Help setting up a specific domain mapping set-up


I have a multisite configured as a subdirectory install with domain-mapping and multi-domains both installed and activated. No issues with this.

I have a number of sub-sites mapped: <--- <---

That's all fine and dandy.

How do I set-up the following? ----> hosted under one directory ---->

So the above would become: <--- <--- <---

Help appreciated on this one please.

  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hey Chris!

    Well, that's quite an interesting request.

    Out of the box, I don't think either plugins will allow you to do that, but that doesn't surprise me to be honest.

    What you're asking may not be possible without some heavy custom dev work. It may just be too confusing to handle.

    That said, I bet it's not impossible! I'm gonna ask Aaron to take a look at your request and see what he says though :wink:

    Thanks for your patience!


  • Chris
    • Flash Drive

    To clarify the above: ----> hosted under one directory

    This is hosted in an entirely different directory unrelated to the wordpress installation. So and have entirely different root folder locations.

    I'd appreciate any insight and input...

    One approach is a simple htaccess redirect from to the sub-site but this doesn't disguise the url i.e. it shows: multisite/sub-site-three rather than what i want domainthree/inside


  • Chris
    • Flash Drive

    Using an htaccess redirect in teh htaccess file as follows

    redirect 301 /mapthisplease

    will redirect BUT.... the url is shown to user in the browser...

    So one approach could be to put a specific rewrite rule in the htaccess file for to handle the rewrite of, in which case you're sort of bypassing any domain-mapping or multi-domain functionality, aren't you?

    I did wonder if the multi-domain would handle this in combination with the domain-mapping.

    Thoughts... ?

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