Help setting up Hosted Version of my wp theme with Pro Sites

Hi There,

couple of weeks ago we finally went online with my first project built using your plugins.

The site is the selling and support pplace for a WordPress Geo Theme we made and it’s using:

Membership Premium pluing : allow user to buy multiple subscriptions thru buy now buttons.

New blog templates : To create playground demo sites

Affiliate : To get links :slight_smile: (great tool!!!!)

We had to slightly modify the plugins to adapt them to our needs, but everything is working very well!

A week ago we moved the site to a new server, setup for great performances with nginx, varnish and apc. Members got so impressed by how fast the demo pages were loading that most of them asked why we don’t setup a premium hosted version of the site.

What I’d need is the option to create a network were people are allowed to upload their own child theme and plugins, but most important is the option to map their domain.

If I understood corerctly, with Pro Sites and Domain Mapping together I should be abe to do all this… right?

Thanks again for your help and great plugins!