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Hello everyone. My name is Calvin Washington and I am the Co-Creator of the Second Chance Hosting Social Networking & Blogging Community that will finally be opening today at 8:oo am. I am using pro sites plugin and membersip however; I am not using Paypal Extended. I am using Stripe. For membership I am using paypal single payments for the membership plugin.

Now here is my problem. I detest Paypal and refuse to pay $30 a month for an upgraded business account with paypal.

Is there a way that I can integrate single payments with pro-sites so users can pay with stripe and paypal?

Otherwise the only way I would figure out how to do this is to set up membership with paypal and give users option to get membership at sign up to avoid not being able to use paypal if they upgrade later as the only upgrade option they will have once logged is is with strip which uses credit cards.

Any ideas on how I can work this out?

I do not want anyone to think I am soliciting but this is hugely important to my company as we lost money on radio ads by having hosting security issues last week.

We were supposed to open last week but could not until our hosting provider got their issues resolved.

I have created enough buzz on YouTube about our site so I know it will be hit, just need help with these settings.

If someone would be willing to help me make sure we are up and running by 8 am this morning, we will give them a one year membership at http://www.SecondChanceHosting.Com as this is HUGELY time sensitive.

  • Calvin


    I am setting up social network where users can register fro free account then. They get a 7 day free pro upgrade immediately upon sign up.

    Free members normally would not get a website or themes, only paid members.

    We have marketplace and affiliate installed to get members as well.

    I do not have a PayPal extended payments pro account and REFUSE to pay $30 for this type of account in order to use PayPal with pro sites. That is why I signed up with strip. IT IS FREE. Why you guys created a plugin that forces people to pay $30 a month to PayPal just for processing payments is beyond me.

    It has made it difficult to set this site up.

    As such in order to allow PayPal users to make single payments, I also installed membership. Just not sure how to work them together.

    If there is a way I can connect my PayPal business account with prosites let me know. Otherwise; any suggestions besides what I just stated?

  • aristath

    Hello again @kickazzwebsites,
    I'm using Pro-Sites on one of my sites and I don't have a pro account on PayPal...
    As stated in the Pro-Sites plugin settings,

    Unlike PayPal Pro, there are no additional fees to use Express Checkout, though you may need to do a free upgrade to a business account. More Info »

    PayPal will not charge anything to use the Express gateway...

    Membership + Pro-Sites don't play together very well unless you do lots of custom coding!
    My advise would be to simply use Pro-Sites with PayPal express.

    I hope that helps!


  • babbsela

    I second what aristath said. I have a membership site running using PayPal Express, and I don't pay the monthly $30 fee. I have a PayPal Payments Standard account.

    PayPal's pricing is the same as Stripe, however, if you sign up for their debit card, which is free, and use the debit card instead of transferring the balance to your bank account, you get 1% back on all purchases using the card, which essentially brings the cost of processing down to 1.9%.

    Paypal also has more features that may be useful to you as you grow your business, like the ability to swipe credit cards using your mobile device, which has a 2.7% processing fee.

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