Help Support (Edu-Knows) theme showing widgets on Q&A plugin pages

While I ponder the larger challenges I've been posting about ealrier today, I thought I'd get around to doing the help and support side of things.

Any hoo, I'm using your Help and Support (Edu-Knows) theme and Q&A plugin, which looks like it will do the job nicely, even saw a post the other day (forget the link) saying how simple a setup it is.

I've imported the my how to articles and all is alright there, just got remember how to just display a summary of each post when listing the categories content. Always the way with me, focus on the 3 times tables and forget the 2.

But.... When I checked the Q&A pages, it looks like widgets are being added to a no existent warped sidebar. As the search, archive and category widgets are showing.

Because the Q&A plugin creates it own pages, I can't just go into the pages option and select the full width option.

I also tried the Questions -> Settings option but the page was blank. :S

I've done the recent update (today I think :S or yesturday, sorry they're starting to merge together) without any luck.

You can see what I mean here

Oh yeah and while I'm talking about quirks with this theme, why is the Global footer in the top right corner? I haven't got that far with the trouble shooting yet, so just thought I'd mention it.