Help to Buddypress Activity Plus

To Vinod or someone who knows about the BuddyPress Activity Plus plugin.

(I have attached images here: )

Below is the message I have written in the thread I have linked to above. There you will also see the images I have attached. I will give my ftp credentials here now:

Host: [****]

Username: [****]

Password: [****]

Port: [****]

[****] – Edited for security concern

Like you can see on the image I have attached, I have there added a photo, and when I click on Add Photo, it still show the message below: Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.

There are nothing on my wall even that I have added a photo. But when I click on the “All activity” tab I can see the photo there. And when I click back on the tab “Wall” then the photo is there on my wall. Is very wierd. I will send you my ftp credentials and you can also create a user on MeeWork. Then I will give you super admin privileges.

Like you can see I have rtmedia installed. It works fine with rtmedia when I click on “Attach Files” Then the photo is showing on my wall immediately. But it dont show immediately with your plugin “Buddypress activity plus”. Will you look at it?

I also hope you can modify your plugin on my site when you got the time. Another staff member here on WPMU called Ashok has been a great help by helping me on my site. I hope you or him, or someone in your staff that knows everything about Buddypress activity plus can help me with this I am writing now.

Rtmedia is a very good plugin because it can create galleries for the user. But your plugin (Buddypress activity plus) is also very good. It has a feature that rtmedia dont have. Its the feature that enable the user to post link previews and image urls. Right now my users get confused because rtmedia and buddypress activity plus is both in the comment area. I would be very happy if you could make a little change in the plugin code. Remove the two features that can add photos and upload files. So the only two features that will be seen is the “Paste link here” and “Add image URL”

And if you can remove the image icon, because some users dont know what it means, and just let the letters be there. I will attach one more image of what I mean.

I hope you can do that. Maybe it will not take you so long time because you know the codes in the plugin. I really really hope you can do that. It means a lot to me.