Help to create this complex structure

An amazing structure needs to be builded using WPMUDEV theme and Plugins.
A SHORT BACKGROUND: I am a bake breads at home and live in the Amazon in Brazil. With friends we founded a newly created non profit organization, dedicated to helping small farmers triple their income for them to reforest their properties with fruit trees using High Brix Technology (so they have more produces, of higher quality, to industrialize, and get a higher income and more work for all their families that will leave the large cities to come back home for at home they will have more work than they can get at the cities).
I have no way to fund the organizations` activities, specially because I can not be at two places at the same time, doing different things. PLUS we have to build full production chains in several places. But the large companies (and politicians paid by them) do not want small farmers to brake the chains of bondage the large companies (and their politician workers) have put on the small farmers.
So we have to get a large public sympathy in our favor, we need to make our work and challenges known and need to prepare people to buy our products when we start industrializing them in order to sell them, so the small farmers feel they can go on reforesting.
For those purposes I decided to join WPMU DEV on my own expense (US$ currency is almost 2,5 times higher than ours), to use the plugins, the themes needed and the amazing support you provide, in order to find a way to do all of that, more or less the way I am going to present now. I specifically need help to know how to do that with the WPMU DEV plugins and themes AND ALSO MORE THAN TELLING ME, ALSO BUILDING THAT FOR/WITH ME.

SOURCES OF INCOME: offer of internet services to companies, self employed workers (with deduction of the values paid from their taxes) and the selling of alkalinizing water system filters.

We also want to help retired people, handicapped, sick people who can not work outside their homes, house wives, students, unemployed people to make money through the same system, getting access to the tools by doing things in our favor, in order to get privileges and access to the services we offer.

We also need to get volunteers, specially from organizations that promote volunteer activities among their employees to promote their companies, while they stimulate and allow their employees do different actions as volunteers and fundraisers.

a) We need to get companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians that want to promote themselves by helping multiply our Institutions` actions (so they and us become known and other companies, self employed, unemployed people, come to us to get instructions, products, services, they need – multiplying our reach and being know more and more);
b) Through the companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians, we want to multiply our efforts and help school students to help develop entrepreneur, cooperative, nature preservation mindset WHILE HELPING THEM develop professional knowledge, skills and experience, to raise funds for their student and personal needs (as well as a group):
a. Each working group formed would have a space in our website;
b. They would organize their work sharing responsibilities according to the abilities of each one;
c. They would rate the work of each one declaring the other`s qualities ad deficiencies;
d. This would be a kind of professional background history of his actions, abilities, deficiencies and work as a volunteer to help our organization (just by helping themselves around our purposes, they would be helping us achieve our goals);
e. Future employers would be able to see the history of his actions, abilities, deficiencies, helping him get his first employment;
f. It would be a great motivation for entering our program.
c) So, the companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians, will go to the students, through their school directors, educators and parents, showing the benefits for the students, for the schools and the parents themselves, by helping those students get organized and working as a team, in a sort of an incubator for a small business, organizing themselves, sharing responsibilities according to each one`s abilities:
a. Their parents will be very happy, for they will be developing several essential skills to work professionally as a group, everything being registered so to help them get a job after that period.
d) In our website ( the students will get all the informations needed, tutorials, videos, trainings (produced by those companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians that want to be known, trusted);
e) The same companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians will get in touch with the presidents of Commercial Associations of the local cities in order to:
a. Convince some of the local businesses to allow the students (wearing the T-Shirt printed with the logo and URL of the program) to have a little space in their shops, businesses, where the students will show and sell their products (and promote the Project and the companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians and the shop who are helping them get started);
b. Convince all business owners to buy the banner from the project (with the logo and URL of the program), printed by the students, in order to raise funds for them to get the things needed for their small business (T-Shirt, hat, cup, slipper printing, etc…);
c. Convince all business owners to buy the T-Shirts printed by the students (with the logo and URL of the program) to be used as their employees` uniform (on the back of each t-Shirt the name of each employee and on both sleeves the number of each employee – bellow you will see why);
d. Convince all business owners to buy and install those surveillance cameras in their work places;
e. Convince all business owners to buy our alkalinizing water system treatment (so we can offer all of them free services or privileges according to the levels of engagement with the Program)
f) With banners and T-Shirts with the logo all over the places, people will be induced to enter the website and see what is going on, but when they get in there among the options of the menu, there will be the options:
a. Find the service, product, shop, training, counseling you need (done, according to model previously prepared, by the companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians benefactors – in order for people to trust and appreciate what they do);
i. As he clicks there, the menu asks in which country he wants to get in;
ii. Then, which estate, which city.
g) We need that, somehow, those companies, shops that are partners in the program, according to their level of compliance with the Program, have their own webpage or some way to show and sell their products and services AND THE GOOD DEEDS AND TRAININGS offered by the benefactor companies, professional, self employed workers, politicians;
h) Now imagine this situation: Someone found in our directory a restaurant that supports our Program. Attached to its description something like this: “Lucius Restaurant supports the http://www.EmbraceTheAmazon.orgs Programs. By buying/using Lucius Restaurant products and services you will be helping Lucius Restaurant to continue supporting all the http://www.EmbraceTheAmazon.orgs Programs and students. Come and visit us and see how you can be benefited by supporting us the same way Luciu`s Restaurant is!”
a. After getting to the restaurant and choosing the menu, the waiter gives the visitor a flyer with a QR code + plus the URL for a specific video;
b. By either using the QR code or the URL, while waiting for his food, he watches in his mobile device a video promoting that restaurant and showing all the good deeds it is doing by supporting our program. After that, the client is told how to get into our website and get access to the surveillance cameras installed in that restaurant, showing even the kitchen and how his food is being prepared at that very moment – the client is getting impressed and very excited about all that.
c. While he watches what the surveillance camera show him, the client is asked to rate Lucius Restaurants services and good deeds, by entering Lucius Restaurant somewhere within the supporters area of our website (but as he rates and leave comments, those rate and comments are also posted in the clients social media + others websites specialized in reviews, counting points, in behalf of that client, for the number of good stars he chooses to rate the restaurant`s services and good deeds – every time he goes back to that restaurant and makes another comment he will be adding points and getting discounts – or will conquer to a “crazy promotion”, like a 30 days free lunch meals – so the more often he goes back and make comments the more chances he will have to win!);
d. The next option for him is to watch a video of the waiter that is serving him:
i. The waiter is wearing the Programs T-Shirt with our logo and URL, printed by the students, with his name on his back and his number on the T-Shirts sleeves making it easy to identify him as he goes from one place to the other (even with the help of the installed surveillance camera);
ii. The video shows the waiters history, his specific abilities, trainings, desired achievements, the rate given by his colleagues, related to his strongest and best characteristics (that client will observe his waiter and may like him so much after he discovers the waiters history and abilities, training, experiences, desires, that he may want to hire him);
iii. The waiting client will be able to enter that waiters page within our website and give points (stars) for his work and leave a comment (and all those things being posted in the clients social media + others websites specialized in reviews) inviting friends to come and check;
iv. As a stimulus for the client giving a good review he could receive points for them and get credits or discounts or conquer to a “crazy promotion” as said before;
v. The client could opt to get into his mobile device an API for receiving specific reminders, informations, promotions from that specific restaurant or from other organizations within ;
vi. In this way:
1. The waiter will surely do a much better service – his employee will be happier, will make more money, for people now trusts his business better, for he even shows the way the client`s food is being made in a very nice and clean kitchen;
2. The client will know that that restaurant is also helping students to get training to become good professionals (where to get their goods) and will be able to choose some of the groups, see at which time they work together and if it is the right time, he will be able to see what they are doing at that very moment (with the help of a surveillance camera installed at the place where they are at that very moment):
a. Each student will be wearing his own T-Shirt with our logo, his name on the back of the T-Shirt and his number on it`s sleeve;
3. By the name, the watching client will be able to get to the student`s page and discover his background, the rates given by his colleagues, his weaknesses, strengths, desires, dreams, special abilities – and maybe he will find the employee he was working for!
e. That client will surely tell his families and friends about that amazing restaurant, will discover that he, himself, his own company, someone he knows (even someone who can not work outside home – all can be benefited by our Program in many different ways!) .
i) We want that everything described above can be done to almost every sort of business that becomes our partner;
j) So different people, with different needs, different realities and capabilities would be helped, benefited, and everyone promoting our organization, making it`s purposes, achievements and needs known, by all sorts of people, businesses, companies, organizations.

Could someone help us with all those things? I believe that they are possible with the right combination of WPMU DEV`s themes and plugins.

I need not only know which ones to use, but also help making them working together.