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How can I improve the performance of the site I have installed Hummingbird Pro and Smush Pro and still it is very slow. Please check the performance test and Google Page Speed insight results. The result for mobile view is 20. Please check and suggest how can I improve the speed.

  • Predrag Dubajic
    • Support

    Hi Lorenzo,

    The first thing that I suggest is updating your WordPress to the latest version and especially your PHP version because you're running 5.5 which has reached the end of life 3 years ago.
    PHP 7 has a lot of improvements in both security and speed and I strongly suggest updating to at least 7.2 or even better 7.3.

    Another thing I would suggest in general is to configure your site to use HTTPS and make sure that all of the files are properly loaded via HTTPS because you have a lot of external resources that are loaded via HTTPS while your site uses HTTP.

    The biggest issue here seems to be with the file optimization because you have a lot of files loaded and they are affecting how much it takes for your site to become interactive.
    You will need to configure Asset Optimization further and here's my suggestion how to deal with that since this task can be a bit tricky as it depends completely on your site and which theme and plugins uses and how their files will react to optimization.
    When using Asset Optimization enable optimization in bulk of 10 files at once, and after every 10 files check your site frontend.
    If everything is working fine then you can proceed with the next 10 files.
    If you do, however, encounter some issues then go back to Asset Optimization and disable the optimization in last 10 files until you find which one is causing the issue, and then leave that file unoptimized and continue with optimizing rest of them.

    Once you get most of the files optimized check the results again and you should see large improvement after that.

    Best regards,

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