Help to setup appointments hours


I really like your appointments+ plugin but I think I need help to setup my avilabilities. I've checked the forums and on the web and it seems that with offset working hours and break periods I need some special coding to fix that.

Here we go.

Monday-wensday is the same schedule
Thursday-Friday is the same schedule.

I offer 60 minutes appointments with 15 minutes break between appointments.

So, Monday wensday I have a spot at 12h15, 13h30, 14h45. (Then at 16h an hour berak) 17h, 18h15, 19h30.

Thursday friday I have a spot at : 9h, 10h15, (45 minutes break at 11h30), 12h15, 13h30, 14h45.

I allready put the 60 minutes lenght services and the break times periods for monday (as a test) and it just erease the avilabilitie. I would need that the break period somehow push a bit back the work period so the avilabilities matches where I take clients usually!