Help w/ signup form to create new sites

Ok I know this may be beyond the scope of support provided so just let me know if that is the case but others also post looking for something like this from time to time.

I wanted a plugin to create new sites and it "almost" works. I paid a person from the jobs board here and I guess because of the holidays they are a little slow in getting back to me so thought I would try here.

Here is the form:

Here is the plugin:

1. So one problem is getting the Blog Name from the form to show as the site title in the general settings.
If you look at the form around line 375 there is the code for the field "Blog Name". When the form is submitted, that data shows under the user profile for Nick & Display Name when it should be under Settings>General and in the "Site Title" field. Site title field is blank on new sites.

2. It sends an email to admin but the "Name" field is blank, possibly related to the prob above? Also, I would like to add a line of text to my admin email that is sent but not sure where that is?

3. Then if you look around line 497 you see where they tried to add some shortcodes. The first 2 for first & last name work, but only for logged in users and the rest do not.

I really only need the email & phone to work for now and maybe a shortcode the the subsites url.