Help Wanted Choosing A Way To Control User Access / Menus

Hey Guys

I would really love your help here as I just cant find exactly what I need despite spending an age looking!

I want to be able to control what buttons a certain user can see.

Now I know there are lots of different plugins that do this in a roundabout fashion but I just cant find anything that does what I want simply!

I want to be able to create a user group - such as siteowner for example.

I then want to grant the siteowner access to only Posts, Media, fact I want to be able to choose any of the tabs in the dashboard menu depending on the group I choose.

Then I would want to remove other options - ie I dont want the siteowner to have access to say pages, settings, tools etc.

Has anyone any suggestions to help?

I have some plug ins included that also appear in the site menu which I would want the siteowner to have access to. Such as a newsletter function, and a faq function.

These area all buttons that appear but I just cant find a way of simply restricting a user to what ever button/s I want.

I hope this makes sense.

Any help would be really appreciated
Cheers Guys