Help with configuration of Members pro plugin

I have just purchased the collection and wish to use the Members plugin to provide the following functionality:

1. non members can see all site content except members
2. non members can subscribe, choosing from 5 plans (with 5 subscription fees)
3. members can search other members, view other members profiles and message each other
4. members can opt into having part of their profile info showing in the public facing part of the site

Can anyone briefly describe the steps to set this up within the plugin /WP, either with only plugin native functionality or by using it in conjunction with other plugins.

thanks all


  • DavidM
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    Hi Joe and first off, welcome to WPMU DEV!

    It sounds like you'll most likely want to use Membership alongside BuddyPress, which provides the general member features you've described.

    Membership contains a number of BuddyPress specific rules that you can use to restrict access to elements such as the Members pages.

    With that, it sounds like you could begin by creating 6 different Access Levels in Membership, the first level being for Strangers (to describe what Strangers or logged out visitors will see) and the rest being for the respective subscriptions.

    When creating the Access Levels, you'll likely be making heavy use of the BuddyPress specific rules. You can experiment with that by creating a test user account, adding the Access Level in question to that user and logging in as that user in a different browser, in order to see what that user sees.

    You could then create 5 Subscription Plans and associate them with your respective Access Levels.

    That's the general gist of it, however your last query regarding the public facing portion of the profile would very likely require a bit of custom work within your BuddyPress theme's template files.

    Hope that helps!


  • joealiferis
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    Thanks a lot david, for the info.

    I have no experience with BuddyPress and have understood it to be a plugin to extend Wordpress into a social network type application.

    Do I really need to use BP alongside the Members plugin to get what i want ? I do not really want many of the BP features:

    User Groups
    Activity stream

    Thanks again


  • DavidM
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    Hi Joe,

    BuddyPress would be the easiest way to bring messaging and member search functionality to your site's front-end. Otherwise, you could use the Member Directory plugin along with the Messaging plugin to allow members to communicate through the back-end.

    You also don't need to use those other features of BuddyPress. You can keep them disabled.

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, you would need a BP compatible theme for that to work.


  • joealiferis
    • WPMU DEV Initiate

    Hello again.

    Thats the main issue I have - the Theme. I have to work with a prescribed theme so BP is a tricky option.

    Regarding the Members Directory plugin, I looked at this as an option but its a multisite plugin is it not ? So I cant use it in a regular WP



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