Help with customizing registration page


I’m trying to set up Membership Lite on our WP site ( and would like to have the following process (please see below). Right now in the registration page, we only have this shortcode [subscriptionform]. Is it possible to add fields to subscription form? If so, how? Thanks so much for your help!

Website registration process

1. When a visitor arrives at for the first time they must register

2. To register they are given two options:

a) Guest/non-member alum (anyone can choose this option)

b) Paid member alum (must be an alum, will be charged RMB500 per year. Assumption: Most if not all Wharton alums have foreign credit cards and/or Paypal accounts)

3. Whether a visitor chooses option a or b they will be presented with a registration page asking them for the following information

a) First name

b) Last name

c) Chinese name (if applicable)

d) Email address

e) Cell phone number

f) Company name

g) Title

h) Wharton affiliation (Undergraduate, MBA, PhD, EMBA, other, friend of Wharton)

i) Class year if Wharton alum