Help with Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS.

I have a problem with my main site, I can't reduce the loading times no matter what I do and now the boss is asking me why is so slow.
There is a lot of render-blocking resources, I tried hummingbird advanced options with many combinations and it went worse, animations got stuck, and the loading time increased to like 14 seconds.
Please help with it and reduce the load time.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Antonio

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I have checked your site and made some changes there in both Divi theme settings (related to handling CSS) and in Hummingbird and it seems to be loading much faster now. I wouldn't pay that much attention to the GTMetrix score as the suggestions there do not (and cannot) know whether e.g. minification or moving of a specific resource will break the site or not - so they just suggest "everything".

    The loading time given there is also a "full load" which means that it doesn't necessarily mean how fast a user will see the site as there are also resources that are being loaded "later": user does see part of the site but there's still some script or CSS or image loading in background that's e.g. displayed after page being scrolled.

    My point is, I'd rather focus on a "personal reception" :slight_smile: But the load time, according to my tests in GTMetrix and Pingdom Tools is still much lower now.

    There are, however, three more things that I would strongly suggest taking care of:

    1. There's a 404 error while loading the site and fixing that would improve the performance. The file:

    cannot be loaded and returns 404 Not Found error and that slows the site down. I'm not sure where this image is being used on site but it would be best if you could make sure that it actually does exist and can be loaded.

    2. The site, while using some "resource heavy" plugins (including Divi theme's builder etc), is still running on default WP memory limit of only 40M which can be a "bottleneck". You can increase that by adding following line to the "wp-config.php" file of your site, right above "/* That's all, stop editing! */":

    define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT' , '256M' );

    3. Finally, I noticed that the load time differences are quite big depending on a location of the end user. That's normal that there are differences but they shouldn't differ much. That's usually related mostly to the location and performance of the host's servers. That can be addressed by implementing a CDN in front of the site. A CDN - such as e.g. CloudFlare (their free plugin would suffice) - would minimize these differences and should also speed up performance additionally (just a note: please do not use their RocketLoader feature with the site if you decide to go for CloudFlare).

    That together with the changes made should actually give the site more boost to a quite reasonable level.

    Kind regards,

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