Help with getting flags to display in member profile

Hey guys i'm having some issues getting some code to work on my site. I am using two plugins for Wordpress 'Quick Flag' and 'Register IP'

Following the guide of this article:

I managed to get flags to display in the members loop. It works perfectly but when trying to recreate this in the members-header.php nothing appears and the code is ignored.

I'm trying to get the flag of the user to display in their profile either based on a xprofile field or the meta entry that is recording the users ip 'signup_up'

You can see the example at

Using the following code nothing is displaying in the member profile page. Is there something wrong with the code or is this not possible outside of a loop.

$ip_address = get_user_meta(( bp_get_member_user_id() ), 'signup_ip', true);
// echo $ip_address;
global $quick_flag;
if(isset($quick_flag) && is_object($quick_flag)){
if(($info = $quick_flag->get_info($ip_address)) != false){
$version = $info->version; // Quick Flag version (float): 2.00
$ip = $info->ip;
$code = $info->code; // Country code (string): HR
$name = $info->name; // Country name (string): Croatia
$latitude = $info->latitude; // Country latitude (float): 45.1667
$longitude = $info->longitude; // Country longitude (float): 15.5
$flag = $quick_flag->get_flag($info, 'my-own-css-class'); // CSS class is optional, 'quick-flag' by default
echo $flag;

Any help would be much appreciated.