Help With Gravity Forms Script


I’m using a script to calculate the number of checkboxes checked on this form:

The script:

1. I’m not sure how to get the results to show once the form is submitted

2. I’m not sure if I have the parameters set correctly in the script

The parameters are:

– form_id the ID of the form for which you would like to count the checkboxes

[Currently: ‘form_id’ => 1,]

– count_field_id the ID of the field into which you would like to populate the checkbox count (you can then use this field’s merge tag in a Calculation formula)

[Not sure what to put here]

– checkbox_field_ids an array of Checkbox field IDs whose checkboxes should count towards the checkbox count (when checked)

[Not sure what to put here]

– ‘checkbox_field_ids’ => 1

[Set this to one; not sure if correct]

Support access is granted.

Thanks in advance,