Help with Hummingbird Minification

In the mobile site, it is overriding the RTL styles. If you check with your mobile, before and after the plugin specially minification, you can check the nav bar it replaces them. The logo text and the nav icon changes locations. I want to use the minification, but without breaking styles. Please help.

  • Jamshid

    Hey Predrag Dubajic ,

    Thank you for looking into this, but the problem is still there and it is not fixed. You moved the contact form 7 css file to the footer which has no effect.

    The problem is with the bootstrap.min.css file which is being compressed by default and I am not able to uncompress it. In the older version of the plugin, this will would not be automatically compressed and so everything was working fine. but once I upgraded the plugin, it created the problem.



  • Predrag Dubajic

    Hi Jamshid,

    Hmm, I saw that the issue was with style-rtl.css and I missed that the one I moved to footer was from CF7, sorry about that.
    However while enabling/disabling minification on your site it did work during my tests at a certain point and that's why I thought I moved the correct file.

    Now, the thing is that I was doing some tests on my installation with Hestia theme and I got similar results, it didn't work at first but after re-checking the files it started working for me and I can't "break" it again on my test site.
    However re-checking the files on your site doesn't seem to have same effect, so I'm wondering if this could be related to your child theme.

    Could you try switching to parent theme, activate Asset Optimization, then check the front end on phone and see if it works.
    If not then go back to Asset Optimization and do a re-check of your files, clear the cache and see what happens then.

    Let us know how it goes so we can see if the issue could be related to child theme indeed.

    Best regards,

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