Help with Infinite Loop on Members page in Membership plugin?

The "protected" page on the part of my MU installation gives redirect loops. It also appears that installing BP causes its default pages not to work either. However, if I Network Activate BP then the BP pages work on the normal site but not the site. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Patrick

    Hi @sebassinc

    Is a sub-site of

    If it is, you will likely continue to have this type of issue with BuddyPress as the URL to a member's BP profile area looks like this:

    It is possible to run BuddyPress on a sub-site of a multisite install, but you'll need to add the following to your wp-config.php where 3 is the ID of the sub-site you install BP onto.

    define( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, 3 );

    However, BuddyPress will be influencing the entire network and no other sub-site will be able to run it as well.

    Also, Membership can only grant/restrict access to content that is actually on the same site where it is activated. So, Membership would need to be activated on a site-by-site basis.

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