Help With Login & Redirection

Hi Support,

I have a freshly installed MU WP install, with a main and two sub-sites (both representing two separate physical locations)

On the main site I would like all users to login or register and upon login be re-directed to the subsite they have registered for.

Is this something you can help with ?

  • Elliott Bristow
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hi smarthart,

    This one's a tricky one to answer. There's no plugin that I know of that can handle this, mainly because any user COULD be registered on more than one site. Although that might not be the case in your situation, any standard plugin would have to allow for that possibility.

    It is theoretically possible to do what you're looking for, because you can grab a list of the sites a user is registered to via PHP then redirect them to the first one in the list... but we don't have any product which already does this, so I'm afraid for this one, you are probably looking at a custom coding job, so you have to post a job on our Job Board at


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