HELP! with Pay Per View Plugin Registration

I am having difficulty with the registration process of this plugin. I have both Pay Per View AND Membership installed on my client's site. I am using Pay Per View in the "Recurring Subscriptions" mode. My problem is that when a user goes to pay for the content, Pay per view prompts them to register, which is fine, but when I click register It takes them to the subscriptions screen of the MEMBERSHIP plugin. (NOT what I want). I need for users to be able to register with Pay Per View SEPARATELY from the Membership plugin, without accessing ANY of the Membership plugin features. This issue has me stumped and I hope someone can help me to get it sorted. Thanks!

  • Patrick

    Hi there @DeAndre

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    Yah, that's a tricky one indeed!

    They both require a login and, if a user is not already registered, they will be redirected to your current registration page which is determined by the Membership plugin.

    There really isn't any way around that.

    However, you can create a free subscription with an indefinite duration and access limited perhaps to only the pages where you have the Pay-Per-View shortcodes.

    That way, users will still need to register on your site (they will do so by selecting a free subscription). They can then go to the Pay-Per-View content they want to pay for.

    You could even set up the access level to display only those pages in the menu by using the Menu rule in Membership.

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