Help With Planning for a Multi-Lingual Site


We have a client who wants to display their content in French and English initially, but then with the possibilty of adding German and Spanish to the mix down the track.

Their site is a paid membership site and they plan on hiring staff to publish the posts in the various languages to ensure quality.

The site is buillt on a mulit-site install and will feature the membership plugin to control content access across the various content areas of the site.

For the French content areas, I’m guessing it will be easiest to also have the editor admin areas in French as well. Ideally, the superadmin access could stay as English, but just the editor control to be in the native language. Not sutre if this is possible??

Can anyone point me in the right direction in terms of how to structure the build out of a multi-lingual multi-site membership?

Is it a case of mirroring the english version, on a new wp install – say in the subdirectory folder /fr/ and then building our 2 separate versions of the entire site, or is there an easier way to run it all from the one install?

I’ve had a quick look at Ultimate translate, which looks like it could do the trick.

can posts be auto set to draft or pending, prior to publishing? And how nicely does it play with the Memebrship plugin?

Thanks in advance for any help.