Help with retrieving blogid....

Hello their,
I was working on new blog template lately..

I want to get the blogid for the template selected just after the signup process...

I am having a wpmu setup.
As the user selects the template in signup page ... I want to get that info (particularly the blogid of selected template)...and want to use it in my another custom plugin which creates a hook in the same page(i.e.signup.php)..

please guide me with these..Thx

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    Hello sir,

    I have created few new templates using "new blog template" plugin..".
    Each template I will be creating will have a blogid..right..

    Now If a user goes through signup process he will have option of selecting the templates right..

    ok now suppose If the user selects a partcular template and sigup for his new blog..

    I want to have the blogid of the particular template can I get it?

    Is there any global variable where it is stored or how to fetch this post variable...
    I want to use it to fetch some value directly from db using sql queries...

    I think now you get my point as to why I need it...

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