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I've been looking through the settings and I'm getting a little confused by it all. I want a setup similar to, providing and selling WordPress setups. Do you have any suggestions on settings or setups for this?


  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello Ryan,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    A setup similar to "" where users can sign up on your site to create their own sites there - either free or paid, with different themes and plugins available depending on a chosen "package" - is possible and we actually do have tools that would help you with that.

    A foundation of such setup should be a sub-domain based WordPress Multsiite install. That's a start and you have to have that working fine before going further. Here you'll find handy information and guides on how to setup and use Multisite:

    Once you have that set up, the next step is to decide on themes and plugins that you are

    - going to use on your setup (e.g. to manage entire setup and/or to provide some basic, common features)

    - going to make available to site owners

    You'll need to install all that themes and plugins. Make sure that themes and plugins that are going to be available to the sites' owners (depending on a package they'll signup for) are actually NOT network-enabled.

    That's when our Pro Sites plugin comes in handy. Take a look here:

    This would actually be your main tool in that setup. This plugin will let you create some "packages" (called "pro site levels"), set prices for them and automatically charge users. You can select which themes and plugins would be available for which level, there's also a built-in free level and a trial period.

    At this point, you got a basic "" setup and a foundation for further improvements.

    As nice additions to that you could also use our New Blog Templates plugin that would let you create some "ready to use" sites - so users could sign up and choose a site from demo sites (called "blog templates" here, not to confuse with themes) and their new sites would be ready to use, exact copies of such demo sites; including settings, activated plugins and even some content if you want.

    Another useful tool here can be Domain Mapping plugin that would let your users assign their own top-level domains to their sites. The plugin can be integrated with Pro Sites (so ability to add own domain might be a part of selected "packages" only) and can even let you sell domains directly if you register for eNom Reseller.

    If you have any additional questions, let me know please.

    Best regards,

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