Help with some things.

Hey Guys!

I don’t know if I’m too dummie or something else… But I’m having a lot of difficult to work with WPMU.

Is the first time I work just with WPMU, I worked with the single wordpress installation to some blogs I had, and with BuddyPress.

So, I activated the WPMU in subdomain, everything is working very fine, but… I’ve got some trouble with plugins and themes.

In my WPMU project I want a blog network that my users can create sites for free with simple plugins, and they can purchase premium features.

In the first and only membership plan called “Free”, people can subscribe in the main site and create a sub site for free with some free plugins and one theme.

The problem is that, when I activate your membership plugin on the network dashboard all the users can see the membership tab on dashboard, if I activate one theme on the network all the sub blogs use that theme, but the users can see all other themes, and there’s some themes I don’t want they see, as well as I don’t want the see some plugins even if I activated them…

I activated the adminimize plugin to hide some dashboard things, plugins and theme, but this plugin just hide on the main site, if I want to hide some parts of the dashboard or hide some theme or plugin I’ll have to do it site for site manually…

I don’t know if I was clear with my needs, but I think I did not understand yet how to work with WPMU…

Someone could help me how to understand and do what I need?

Thanks Guys!