Hi there.

I just issued a Job Alert! using a passworded page on my site
(PW is NewJA - not important as it isn't secret and will change in a week anyway).

*******One of my candidates just emailed to tell me the following is happening:*******

Here are his comments

"Comment/Information for you...: Bloody Wordpres.

Good evening Karen. Taking a risk launching New JA on Friday 13th?

You probably don't need another headache, but here it is.
Bloody Wordpres.

That's right. Wordpress is cutting off words in the right of your main column, on a 17" HP laptop screen, and on an 8" Samsung Note. But not the same words.

On the Samsung, the first dot point under "Whats Changed" reads:
- •drawing your attention to useful information on ou (sic) Facebook pages, as and when they come into our orbit:
On the HP, the first dot point is more like:
-•drawing your attention to useful information on our Facebook pages, as and when they con (sic) into our orbit:

So I've put in a line break where the lines are breaking. It's the up-down slider navigation bar that seems to be the culprit. And it's like that top to bottom. Could be a font problem (because some fonts display a teeny weeny bit wider than they should).
Sue the buggers.
Till next time (sorry I couldn't bring you good news).
And you wonder why I don't have any hair on my head?
Jimmy (Melbourne)

Can this be fixed / looked at ASAP please? (it is also urgent as I just distributed it to hundreds of people)