Help with Wordpress pointers.

I was helped by @masonjames with some advice on the wordpress pointers inside the social marketing plugin (lib/external/pointers_tutorial.php). I have two questions. First, thank you Aaron Edwards for such thorough documentation. I want to add a pointer on the "pages" page. $tutorial->add_step(admin_url('admin.php?page=my-plugin'), 'toplevel_page_wpmudev', '.nav-tab-wrapper', __('Step Number Four', 'mytextdomain'), array(
'content' => '<p>' . esc_js( __('On each category page, plugins and themes are listed in an easy to read grid format.', 'mytextdomain') ) . '</p>',
'position' => array( 'edge' => 'top', 'align' => 'center' ),
In the array I have inserted "add_step(admin_url('edit.php?post_type=page')" and am not sure what to add instead of "toplevel_page_wpmudev" also is there a way to reset the pointers? I am under the impression that a value is stored to the database once the tutorial is finished or dismissed where is the value stored and how do I reset it? Thanks,