HELP! Wordpress Homepage Redirect from Hell

I spent today in Maintenance Mode to migrate all the goodies I've developed over the past week on a dev site. When I took the live site out of Maint Mode, the homepage is redirecting to a random page. I can't even figure out which page it is. I've done the following:

- Opened every page - can't find it!
- Looked in Posts, Forums, Groups, Forms, e-Newsletter - this content is nowhere!
- Cleared All Caches - no impact!
- Searched the DB - Nope!
- Searched my site via Google - still can't find the page!
- Disabled all Plugins - No impact!
- Re-saved Permalinks - Nothing!

BTW - My homepage is static and set in Settings > Reading. I've tried changing it to other pages or posts. It doesn't change. However, there is one hint, each time I change it to a new page, the title tag in the browser tab changes to the page that it's supposed to be. So, I'm at a total loss. What's going on here?