Multisite and Domain Mapping

Here’s a screenshot of all my cPanels in my WHM backend.

The goal:

To set-up all these as multi-site installs w/ domain mapping as well. In other words, I need to be mapped / pointed to should be mapped or point to should point / map to

So, look carefully and you’ll see some quirks…

A while back, I had an SSL put on, and therefore, it’s got it’s own IP address. See it?


1.)What goes in the field labelled “Server IP address” within the back-end of the domain mapping plugin? or, and why?

2.)I don’t really “need” the SSL. It’s not a ‘wildcard’ SSL and if it’s causing problems, I can simply remove it. But, do I need to / is that what’s causing the problems?

3.) Any other suggestions as to why this isn’t working?

Yes, the instructions were followed… sunrise / htaccess / ….all that jazz. I followed that part to a ‘T’. So, what could be the problem?

  • phillcoxon
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hi Brad.

    You realise that while you hid your domain names you’ve revealed both your cpanel login usernames and the same domain names in your email addresses?

    You might want to update your image if you want to keep these details to yourself.

    Can’t help with the domain mapping as I haven’t done that myself yet.


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi there @brad Griffin

    I hope you are having a great day!

    1: If you are mapping sub-sites on the domain, then the IP you enter in the “Server IP Address” field of domain mapping is the IP of that domain:

    If you are sub-sites on any of the other domains, then you would enter in the IP address field. But as you have more than one domain on that IP (It’s not a dedicated IP), you would need to use Addon Domains and Parked Domains. See the “More options?” section of the plugin usage for details:

    2: You don’t necessarily need an SSL certificate, but you need a dedicated IP to enable your sub-site admins to map their own sites. If it’s not a dedicated IP, then you must add their domains toyour primary domain as addons or parked domains, and control their DNS for theme… that can be a major pain. :slight_smile:

    3: You mention htaccess. Domain Mapping doesn’t require any changes to htaccess. You should add the sunrise line to wp-config.php

    Is that just a typo in your post above, or could it be the reason things aren’t working for you? If it’s just a typo, could you provide more information about just what is not working? What are the symptoms, what are you seeing / not seeing, etc?

    Thanks for catching the privacy issue too @phillcoxon

    And Happy New Year to you and yours guys!

  • Brad Griffin
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    sorry, the .htaccess type was meant to be the wp-config hooplah!

    This is kindof a precursor to a bigger domain mapping project, and… I figured I need to figure out the details on my own sites before I go and do this on a bigger project.

    Regarding #2: The SSL “IS” there. I was just wondering if it was causing the problems. Obviously it’s not a wildcard SSL, so I was wondering if it would make an error for;; not appear since site1, site2, site3 were all subdomains. Again, if I need to remove it (It was just installed for the heck of it) I have no problems doing so. I have several other domains that I ‘could’ possibly make into multisite / domain mapping sites and use that for customers. Perhaps that should be the route I take. It seems the is causing too many issues – ssl / dedicated IP / ….

  • Brad Griffin
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ok, so let’s start over.

    I took out

    Now I want to have all my various domain names managed under one wp admin, one cute little login, and one simple little multisite install.

    Again, I went through all the steps here:

    I installed

    I’ve edited the htaccess like I was supposed to.

    I’ve edited the wpconfig like I was supposed to.

    And, going back to my original picture…remember all those domains?

    Let’s make a “for example” scenario: is a domain that I’d like to have mapped from

    Let’s see what else I’ve got in there… is another url that I’d like to be able to manage from my dashboard. We can go on and on a few more times. is another example.

    I want to be able to get to all the content on these sites – content / plugins / themes – from my one dashboard. And, of course whatever I do on / / or, I want that to be reflected on the corresponding site.

    So, Brad, have you added a wildcard subdomain to Yep!

    And all these are on one dedicated IP address, right? Yup!

    So far, brings up the correct sub.domain, but I can’t get it to ‘map’ itself over to

    Any other suggestions?

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again @brad Griffin

    Sorry for the delay, I had some other pressing issues to take care of.

    Now I want to have all my various domain names managed under one wp admin, one cute little login, and one simple little multisite install.

    Let's see if we can make that simple, shall we?

    Your main domain is, and it is on a dedicated IP with a wildcard subdomain added. Excellent!

    You have created multiple sub-sites on that domain, for example:

    You now want those sub-sites to be accessed via domains like: = = =

    So, for each new domain name, edit the main "A" record in the DNS to point to your dedicated IP. You can do that in your WHM panel by scrolling down to DNS Functions, and clicking Edit DNS Zone. Then select each of your new domains one-by-one (1st & 2nd screenshots below).

    Once that is done, we just need to add the new domain name to each sub-site. In each sub-site, go to Tools > Domain Mapping, and enter the new domain name you want for that sub-site (3rd screenshot).

    For example, on the sub-site, enter your new domain name. Save. You can now access your sub-site with the new domain name.

    You can see it in action on one of my test sites.

    The subsite redirects to

  • Brad Griffin
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Thanks for the reply! (I normally don't make public posts, unless I've followed everything to-the-letter…:wink:

    …and that's where things get hairy. See, everyone of those domains already has their A records pointed at! Remember that original screenshot? Check it – each one of those already has their 'A' Records pointed in the right area. Lemme add a few screenshots here as well, and you'll see that all of those domains currently have (and had from the word go) their A records pointing at the correct IP.

    I've attached two screenshots of the DNS records, and (again, believing I've followed directions to-the-letter) aren't those correct? And, these cPanels all have the same identical 'A' Records pointing to the IP address.

    So, is there something wrong w/ my 'A' Records? …or do I need to keep digging for another solution?

    Thanks! -Brad

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    @brad Griffin

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Does or have all those thousands of domains ‘parked’ in their registrars cPanel account?

    No they don’t. But the main domain is on a dedicated IP. That means that no other domains are on that same IP.

    All the other domains can be on a single IP, but it must not be the same IP as the main domain. If they are all on the same IP as the main domain, then they must be addons or parked.

    I hope that helps clear things up. :slight_smile:

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