Here's hoping all is well with you. I'm interested

Hi Guys,

Here’s hoping all is well with you.

I’m interested in controlling…

Who can post in what category

How many times they can post.

Even if it is post per week that would work.

Would membership allow me to control

who can post where and how often?

For example I have a store page that takes the store category.

I would like the stores to only post once.

Like a profile of their store they can edit.

I have an events page that I would like them

to be able to post as often as they need,

but pay per post. I am using the events plugin.

Also, a promotions page which they can post sales to.

This would be pay per post as well.

Kind of a Rubic’s Cube I realize but

I don’t feel it is impossible.

Any suggestions would be great!

All the best