Hey Im new with you so please bear with me. Upfront theme

I am playing around with Fixer and when i want to add a gallery or upload an image the screen is going like i took my glasses off and cant see properly.

Then i scroll to the bottom and see an upload button, when i client it it tells me "you cant do that"

Please help.


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi Neil!

    We love newbies around here! :slight_smile:

    First off, this is totally not anything you did. I just logged in with support access, and I see the same thing you do, which is not how things are supposed to look at all. I checked in the console, and it looks like you're getting some 404 errors, which means the site can't find elements that it needs to make the uploader display properly.

    I think we can fix this by having you grab a fresh copy of both Fixer and Upfront. Here's what you need to do.

    1. Switch to a default WP theme, temporarily, like twenty fifteen.
    2. Delete the Fixer and Upfront folders from your wp-content/themes/ directory via FTP.
    3. Via the WPMU DEV dash, re-download Upfront and Fixer. (All your changes will be saved in the database, so they won't be lost when you delete and re-install.)
    4. Switch back to Fixer as your site's theme. (I had you switch so you wouldn't get a whitescreen when you deleted Fixer.)

    Try to add a gallery or image again, and see if the image uploader works as expected.

    If this isn't it, there are some other things we can check.

    1. If you're using a caching or security plugin, disable it while you're working in the Upfront editor.
    2. Who is your host? There are a few hosts that run mod_security on the server side, it needs to be disabled for the Upfront editor to work correctly. You can do this yourself. Open up your .htaccess file, which you'll find in the same directory as your wp-content and wp-admin folders, and add this before the WordPress rules:

    <IfModule mod_security.c>
    SecFilterRemove 00318

    There is a small chance your host may blacklist your IP after you make this change, if so, send a support ticket with a request to whitelist it again, and explain the change you made on our advice. :slight_smile:

    Hope this gets you going! Let us know if you need any more help.

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