Hey I’m trying to combine pro site and membership, and for some reason I can’t put it together,

Here is the end result I wish to get:
1. On the multisite network:
a. The network will allow people to sign up and get a site using Pro site.
b. Sign up is free subscription, with no upgrade options (at this point).
2. Every site on the network:
a. Membership Premium pre-installed and configured (using Blog Templates)
i. Allow for members registration (for the single site)
ii. Dripped content. – every new member will go true a training period in which he/she will have an extra class available every day for a few days (at the end of the training period all the classes will be opened)

Everything I’ve described so far I’ve seen on the videos (pro and membership) I just can’t get the two plugins to work together (I’ve tried deleting all other plugins that where installed but still noting)

Here is one extra question I haven’t seen and hopefully you have a solution for:
• I want to present the classes in a secondary menu.
Is it possible to present to each logged in member only the menu items that are opened to him/her?
(So that each day a new menu will be revealed)

Thanks in advance