Hhow to show marketpress products grid on my theme?

HI Guys,
I know that you don’t support 3rd pary themes but maybe you could please advise which functions from template-functions.php in which order should I use to draw products list on my home page like the default store slug "MYWEBSITE /store/products/” grid does with pagination links, and Categories and Sort order combo boxes?
I've read and followed Themeing MarketPress guides and looked through template-functions.php but still can't figure out which code should I call to make my products appear on my home page the same grid style and pagination and sort field as they do on the url slug "MYWEBSITE/store/products/".
I use 3rd party theme and a grid layout plugin shortcode but products still appear as a list like the ordinary posts on the home page.
I can use CSS to re-arrange them but it wouldn’t add pagination, Category filter and Sort fields like the default Marketpress slug"/store/products/" draws on my site.
Here a snapshot of my home page as is: http://i40.tinypic.com/33towlf.jpg
And here is how I want it to look like the default page under slug "MYWEBSITE/store/products/" on my site: http://i41.tinypic.com/x51ksx.jpg
Appreciate your advice as I’m far from being a developer.
Thank you!