Hi all, can we make a languages library for plugins by upload-download .po and .mo

Hi all, i'm member of wpmudev from Asia, and sorry for my English!

After research in www and wpmudev.org, i have no found any solution for websites/WPMU in some countries like me. I mean, we are admin and can use English fine in control plugins and features of our websites. But how if our users are don't have good English to manager their pages.

I was search in my htdocs and see about 150+ .po files in result, and i have a dream, that if before i join wpmudev, the webadmins in the wolrd, who using wpmudev before me, building a library for languages while using plugins and contrib all translated .po files to wpmudev, i just download plugins and choose what language i want for my users. It can save my time atleast 4-8 weeks for build a multi language website, include English and my local language.

I decided to ask, can we start to make a library for all languages in the world by get translated .po files from webadmins, who using wpmudev plugins. We can upload, download many languages for our sites in the way to help wpmudev and our users. Let connect the world just by upload one by one .po file you have translate complete... like Google did to make they stay everywhere on the world.

I have done to translate some .po file from English to my language (using Poedit), for my self, my users, but i dont know how to contrib to wpmudev, how and where, to help people like me can use it without re translate from begin. Can we think about it, help alot to marketing wpmudev, webmasters and bloggers in future...

Thank all for read and give a hint to make a world more screen and simple... :wink: